Search Methodologies

asp provides a full suite of solutions tailored to identify, qualify and ultimately deliver the most suitable people to meet client's criteria. We employ a proven comprehensive and highly proactive methodology and leverage on extensive candidate network, industry networking and social media.

We work diligently to understand our clients' needs. We derive great support from our experienced, industry specific consultants, and dedicated research group who are perfectly positioned to deliver fast, high quality executive search services. Our consultants specialize in a practice area, have deep networks and are well regarded in their respective space.

Our recruitment methodology includes:

  • Careful market mapping by industry experts & researchers which enables us to build an     accurate assessment of the suitability, potential interest and availability of talent.
  • The use of a proprietary, competency-based framework that we share with clients to help them     identify desired skills.
  • In-depth, face-to-face interviews with potential candidates where we assess them on their     leadership skills, fire fighting skills and individual success drivers.
  • We perform a detailed reference check with the candidate's managers, customers and     business partners.
  • Professional & Personality Profiling - a powerful method of predicting how the candidate will     behave based on the distribution and combination of fundamental personality traits.

Retained Search

Retained executive search enables us to deploy all necessary resources to identify, qualify and deliver the best individuals within the necessary timeframes. We employ a relentless and comprehensive search methodology - proprietary networks, market maps and proactive sourcing delivered by dedicated world-class professionals.

This method of search enables highly skilled professionals to find opportunities in the work environment. In our experience we have seen that when used, the retained search process is able to offer clients highly skilled candidates with proven track records. The retained search process uses a set criterion in order to obtain the best candidates for any given role. We bring industry specific expertise and unique insight to the organization's leadership needs. We will assess the organization and the role, review the organization's internal bench strength and survey the broader market in pursuit of the best candidate for the job.

Contingency Search

Contingency recruitment campaigns benefit from a similar methodology structure combined with competitive contingency pricing. This means, sourcing the most relevant talent from our existing database. This service comprises Sourcing, Screening, Selection and Process Management to deliver suitable solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We combine both the flexibility of a contingency recruitment service with the knowledge, expertise and professionalism of a retained search model.

Contingency searches are compensated for their services only after they have placed a candidate with a client company. Generally, a contingency search takes a broader approach to a search, typically uncovering a wider range of resumes than retained firms.

Exclusive Search

Exclusive Search is similar to our retained services, and is most suited for recruits at the top management. We work within an agreed period of exclusivity with targets for the introduction of suitable candidates. This provides our clients with a clearly defined timeline for their hire and allows us to dedicate significant resources to the search.

We have built up a reputation for being reliable, fair-minded and straightforward. We seek and strive hard to find highly skilled /talented people across the globe within agreed timelines.

Candidate Driven Search

Candidate Driven Search service is a targeted, confidential and discrete service for executive talent. We provide a dedicated approach by leveraging our extensive portfolio of market relationships and referral networks to undertake candidate driven searches to secure a career move for specially qualified individuals, executives, teams, existing business units and new ventures.

The team has access to up-to-date and comprehensive market 'maps', enabling us to identify candidates who are not actively in the market, and are trained to approach them proactively, discreetly and appropriately to understand their necessities, obligations, hesitations or willingness to consider an opportunity with our client(s). These "passive" candidates prove particularly effective for niche or high demand skill sets, or senior vacancies.

Compensation Survey & Benchmarking

These services are offered to our existing customers, new start ups or emerging companies facing challenges with talent acquisition, employee dissatisfaction and talent retention.

The services would include comparing current levels of compensation & benefits existing at the client firm with the compensation structure existing in select companies, evaluating the need for re-structuring compensation & benefits at various levels, identifying new practices in compensation structuring, evolving strategy for attracting & retaining right talent.

About Us

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a network that spreads across 4 major cities Bangalore, Chennai,Mumbai,Delhi in India and an International satellite office in the UK. Today we are 35 "aspplites" strong.